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We print only with the most precise, high quality FDM, SLS, SLA (DLP) 3D printers, so your even most complex ideas can come true!

​FDM printers possibilities:

  • Two different color or materials printed at once.

  • minimal layer's height is 0,02mm.

  • Object's minimal wall width 0,25mm.

  • Max object's size can be up to 1450 x 1200 x 1200mm, there is another alternative - glueing separately printed object parts together.

  • WE OFFER YOU MORE THAN 20 DIFFERENT MATERIALS TO CHOOSE FROM printing using these materials: ABS, PLA, PET-G, PP (Polypropylen), TPU, Nylon, Bronze (bronze and plastic composite), Laywood (wood and plastic composite) and others...

  • wide variety of colors.

SLA (DLP) printers possibilities:

  • Layer's height 0,025~0,2mm.

  • Object's maximum dimensions: 160 x 70 x 200mm, can be a lot bigger if object is printed in parts and later glued together.

  • Printing from:

- Standard resin

- Engineer resin (rigidness 75 shore D, was tested from -45ºC to +225ºC)

- Flex resin

- Wax resin, specially made for jewellries, detail vacuuming chambers

  • Thanks to resin's white color, model can be printed in various type of colors, since the resin can be mixed with other pigments. Can be transparent.

SLS printers possibilities:

  • The printer doesnt require model to have any supports. Can print even the most complex shapes.

  • Printing from:

- Poliamid PA12, nylon


  • Products are printed in high quality. Can withstand up to  +150ºC temperature.

  • Perfect choice for prototype, final products.

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