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We have worked with people from various type of jobs. Starting from designers, engineers, architects to all sorts of artists who wanted their ideas become 3D 

Engineer Working on Machinery

JSC „Ideja 3D“

Our company was one of the first 3D printing and 3D scanning services providing company in Lithuania.  Our professional team offers you only highest quality production, precision and top-notch technologies. 

3D printing technologies that we use: SLS, FDM, SLA. we offer you more than 40 different materials to choose from, our services extends to: 

  • VACUUM CASTING (plastics, silicone, plaster, concrete, wax...)

  • LASER CUTTING (org. glass,plastics, metalised plastic, plywood, aluminum, paper, leather...)

  • ENGRAVING (org. glass, plastics, plywood, aliuminum, other metals, concrete, leather...)

  • CNC miling (wood, policarbonatus, organic glass, aliuminum, PVC...) 

That's how we destroy the gap between prototypes and mass producing!

3D Printer



Our experience and professional level equipment gives us a big advantage. We always try to keep up with the newest technologies. We want to give the best possible offer to our clients ,fullfill all of your wishes and exceed expectations.


Have you ever experienced grim and grumpy company workers who treated you like their last priority? Not with our company. Our team consists of youthful workers who are very passionate about 3d printing and it's possibilities. We will always give you tips on how we can improve your model.

Everything starts from idea!



Just send us your 3D model or visualisation and we will help you find the best option. Do not hesitate to ask, we will answer any question, help you find the right material and optimisations for model of your choice. 

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