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We print only with the most precise, high quality FDM, SLS, SLA (DLP) 3D printers, so your even most complex ideas can come true!

​FDM printers possibilities:

  • Max object's size can be up to 1800mm, there is another alternative - glueing separately printed object parts together.

  • Minimal layer's height is 0,02mm.

  • Object's minimal wall width 0,25mm.

  • Two different color or materials printed at once.

  • WE OFFER YOU MORE THAN 20 DIFFERENT MATERIALS TO CHOOSE FROM printing using these materials: ABS, PLA, PET-G, PP (Polypropylen), TPU, Nylon, Bronze (bronze and plastic composite), Laywood (wood and plastic composite) and others...

  • Wide variety of colors.

SLA (DLP) printers possibilities:

  • Layer's height 0,025~0,2mm.

  • Object's maximum dimensions: 190 x 120 x 245mm, can be a lot bigger if object is printed in parts and later glued together.

  • Printing from:

- Standard resin

- Engineer resin (rigidness 75 shore D, was tested from -45ºC to +225ºC)

- Flex resin

- Wax resin, specially made for jewellries, detail vacuuming chambers

  • Thanks to resin's white color, model can be printed in various type of colors, since the resin can be mixed with other pigments. Can be transparent.

SLS printers possibilities:

  • The printer doesnt require model to have any supports. Can print even the most complex shapes.

  • Printing from:

- Poliamid PA12, nylon


  • Products are printed in high quality. Can withstand up to  +150ºC temperature.

  • Perfect choice for prototype, final products.


3D skenavimas.jpg

3D Scanning technology gives us possibility to quickly and effectively create virtual object's copy and use it later for different purposes. We can also scan people. The scanned models can be used in various ways. 3D scanner equipment are mobile, hence we can either make a scan in our company's workplace or at the location of your choice.



For vacuum casting we use not only plastics but other materials, for example, cement. During vacuum casting the filled mold helps the poured material turn into a desired object.

3D Modeling

didelė moneta_1 v21.jpg

3D Modeling /(product/industrial) design / visualisation

Every 3D print starts from the digitization of the part you want to be printed. We offer 3D modeling and industrial design services. Our team is capable of not only recreating any broken or lost part, but creating 3D print ready models from: images, drawings and even your imagination. If you want to see your idea visualised, we also offer product visualisation as a service.

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