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Protective facial shields have been shown by research to reduce the chances of getting the virus by up to 3 times .

With the tightening of quarantine requirements, it is mandatory for everyone to wear face shields in a public place.


Our face shields have been tested by many medics who have chosen these products as the most comfortable to wear from 4 different choices.


Protect yourself and those around you with reusable full-face shields.


Key features of the face shield:

  • prevents liquids from getting on the face
  • reusable
  • extremely comfortable
  • light
  • suitable for various head sizes
  • easily disinfected
  • protects against frequent facial touch


Protective face shields are made of EU-certified PET plastic. It is a transparent, impact-resistant material with good chemical resistance, suitable for medical use. Panel frames are made of ABS, PLA, PETG plastics with the help of 3D printers.


For maximum protection against COVID-19, it is recommended that the face shield be worn in conjunction with other protective equipment.


We have them in our office! Frame colors are chosen randomly. For those intending to order more than 50 units, the price is decreasing, write to or call +370 630 00028.


Be healthy!


Made in Lithuania

Protective face shields - with rubber

SKU: Skydai2
€12.00 Regular Price
€5.99Sale Price
  • It is possible to pick up at the office or send by courier.

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